School Calendar

Please find the calendar for the school year 2023-2024 below

Should you wish to print a copy of the calendar, click on the button below! 


SEPTEMBER: Re-opening on 1st

OCTOBER: Mid-term: Closing on 27th

NOVEMBER: Re-opening on 6th

December: Closed on 8th
Christmas Holidays: Closing on 22nd           Closing at 11.30am

JANUARY: Re-opening on 8th

FEBRUARY: Closed on 5th
Midterm: Closed on 15th & 16th

MARCH: Closed on 18th
Easter Holidays: Closing on 22nd                  Closing at 11.30am

April: Re-opening on 8th

MAY: Closed on 3rd, 6th & 31st

JUNE: Closed on 3rd
Summer Holidays – Closing on 28th             Closing at 11.30am

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