About Us

St. Brendan’s Boys’ National School, is a Catholic school located in the town of Loughrea in County Galway. It is one of three primary schools in the town. Its sister school St. Ita’s is just a few minutes’ walk away and it is here that our boys start off in the infant classrooms.

St. Brendan’s aims to provide a Christian Education for its pupils. The school caters for boys from the local community from First Class to Sixth Class and a full curriculum and programme of activities is provided, aimed at each pupil achieving his full potential.

A fundamental policy is that the individuality of each pupil is accommodated and respected. St. Brendan’s has developed a proud record in integrating new pupils from varied cultures and backgrounds with ease and success. In addition, there is a strong sense of community within the school with very high levels of cooperation between staff, pupils and teachers.

The school prides itself on a very proud musical tradition. Fourth to Sixth class boys can take part in the school choir who perform regularly at Mass and at events in the town.  All the boys from fourth up come together with the girls from St. Itas each year to take part in a Carol Service which never fails to fill the town Cathedral, while the schools also boast a banna ceol who practice each week and perform at school concerts.

The school also has a very strong sporting tradition and has competed successfully at the top level of schools hurling and football for many years. The school is a regular name in the finals of the Cumman na mBunscoil in both codes. Our Senior and Junior athletics teams have also been very successful in recent years in the Manning Athletics and Cross-Country Competitions.


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